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Marina Skin care 

When the skin is relaxed and stress free, micro-circulation brings oxygenated blood close to the surface of the skin. It adds a rosy and healthy glow to the complexion. We can reduce the effects of aging and give your skin a younger appearance.

  This is what Marina Mitri promises each one of you. Just like the plants, the skin responds to nutrients and water. It can recharge its resources of energy and revitalizing substances that reactivate the cellular functions that make it look younger.
Remember that age 30 is the time to prepare for the skin's appearance. Age 40 is when to prepare for age 50,
and so on.

Marina Mitri is a recipient of many awards from overseas to U.S.A. Last year she won the Diamond Award from OBAGI medical skin care, and an award from Guinot-Paris for Best Expertise in Skin Care.

NEW NEW!!!!!!!!!!! 

TECHNI SPA anti cellulite treatment
This is a combination of a galvanic current, and a strong suction both work together to melt the fat and push it out of your body .You can see the result from the first treatment.

Guinot - Paris

Slimming treatment 

Store Hours : Tuesday - Friday : 11AM - 6PM
                     Saturday             : 10AM - 4PM
                     For appointment call: 562-708-3694
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